Remote Phosphor

  • Process
    Information on Remote Phosphor Work Process
    Information on Remote Phosphor Work Process
  • Features
    Information on Remote Phosphor Features

    Natural Color & Color Consistency

    • Uniform Light Output with Low Glare
    • No Yellow Ring & Shadow
    • Color Consistency: Less than 3-SDCM

    System Efficacy

    • High System Efficiency (10% ~ 30 %)
    • Long Life-Time (More than 50,000 Hours)

    CCT & CRI Variety

    • CCTs and CRIs can be changed by different remote Phosphors.

Ceramic Phosphor Plate

Ceramic Phosphor Plate?


Consolidated plate made out of mixture of Ceramic and phosphor

→ Remote or Direct Attach Type


- Heat Resistance (Up to 200℃)

- Color Change Efficiency
(5% ~ 10% Higher than Coating Type)

- Reliability (Higher than Existing Products)


High-Performance LED Lightings,
Automotive Head Lamp, Laser TV