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From chip, packages to modules, LG Innotek focus on providing the best LED components only. We provide our customers with the technology and trust to enable their products with confidence.
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The world’s highest production capacity as a single-factory A solid LED business base built over more than a decade

The world’s first 6-inch Epi-wafer mass-production

Total solution provider through business convergence

LED solution provider offering the highest value for customers

LG Innotek LED business

Proud of the world’s highest LED production capacity as a single factory,

LG Innotek’s Paju LED factory producing 2 billion chips a month reliably supplying a full product lineups moves toward the leading global player in the LED market.

LG Innotek becames the world’s first 6-inch Epi-wafer mass-producer.

We provide distinguished production efficiency and price competitiveness.

Vertical LED chips successfully mass-produced with our own technology offers excellent thermal conductivity and reflectivity and high luminous efficacy.

So, they are recognized as key components for the next-generation high-power LED market.

With innovative BLU design technology, which leads the LED market, we mass-produce BLUs for various IT devices, such as smart phones and notebooks, and produce goods that satisfy customers’ needs, thereby leading the LED market.

With various packages, such as mid and high power,

LG Innotek provides LED lighting modules and engines meeting specific customer needs.

Also, ranging from power supply units to heat dissipation and optical technologies, we offer total solutions for all LED lighting processes, thereby maximizing our customers’ production efficiency.

LG Innotek achieved vertical integration for the entire LED production process, from Epi-growth to modules. This affords us delivery competitiveness and enables us to develop and produce goods at customers’ specifications for each stage.

We are enhancing our status as a global components and materials enterprise by creating synergy effects through convergence of businesses. Leveraging our unique technology and LED expertise, we will take the lead in quality enhancement and technology development.

From LEDs for cars, lighting combined with emotionally intelligent LED technology, to

UV LEDs used for water purification, we will expand into more business areas to maximize our LED business competitiveness.

Future together with LG Innotek,

Life becomes more abundant.

Offering customized total solutions beyond what customers want,

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